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The New and the True

Christians used to say, "If something is new, it probably isn't true; and if something is true, it probably isn't new." They believed that the "old" truth in the Bible was the chief test of spiritual wisdom and Christian maturity. Hence, they compared "new" truths with the "old."

But times have changed. Novelty is now the measure of the Spirit's leading. Hence we uncritically adopt new methods for church planting and church growth, new views on Creation and other established doctrines, new styles of worship, and new views on music. We also practice new forms of praying and spiritual warfare, embrace new views on marriage, legislate new grounds for divorce and remarriage, push new leadership models on local congregations, and agitate for new forms of church organization.

Are the arguments Biblically sound? Should we take a Biblical stand on these contemporary issues? Are we confused about some of these new trends in the church?

In Here We Stand, some of the church's most respected thought leaders have addressed these questions in a compelling way.

Questions Include:

  • Do new church planting techniques really grow churches?
  • How do we attract and keep young people in the church?
  • Does the church need a 28th fundamental belief?
  • What makes a doctrine "new light"?
  • Should we embrace the new teachings on spiritual warfare, prayer warriors, and deliverance ministries?
  • Why are some questioning a literal 6-day Creation and the historicity of Genesis 1-11?
  • What are the roots of contemporary worship styles?
  • Is music morally neutral? What does the Bible say about music?
  • Is "abandonment" legitimate grounds for divorce?
  • Does the Bible support polygamy and homosexuality?
  • Why are major changes occurring so quickly in local congregations?
  • Do we need another church organization?
  • How did money and politics shape the issue of ordaining women as elders and pastors?
  • Does it matter whether you are a "liberal" or a "conservative"?
  • What should we do when the new is not true?
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